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New Jersey Construction & Utilities Talent Network - South (CUTN-S) Talent Network Summit

2018 Rowan University Construction Industry Summit


We invite interested faculty and staff to attend our 2018 Inaugural Rowan University Southern New Jersey Construction & Utilities Industry Summit.

The Rowan University Southern New Jersey Construction & Utilities Talent Network, is a grant-funded initiative through the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The Rowan University Southern New Jersey Construction & Utilities Talent Network works intensively with businesses, local Workforce Development Boards, education institutions and other stakeholders through affinity groups known as targeted industry partnerships (TIP) in three distinct geographical areas in the southern region of the state to initiate dialogue on innovative ideas, which lead to long-term solutions to industry challenges and to develop pilot education program proposals.

On the day of the summit, we will convene business leaders, education institutions, community organizations, and other key stakeholders to gather, report and share intelligence with attendees on the state of the industry including job trends, industry, business needs, and education.  We will highlight the direction of the industry in the Southern New Jersey region and identify opportunities for education and industry partnerships that support pathways to construction credentials and degree completion.  Of particular significance, the focus of the summit will be on educating women and underrepresented populations, including school-age learners on career opportunities within the construction and utilities industry sector.  Keynote speakers and a panel of experts will share best practices for embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the construction and utilities industry.