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Focusing on educating the whole child supports social-emotional learning, character education, social skill development, classroom management and motivation, increases time on task and helps reduce bullying in today’s schools.

Students bring much baggage with them to school where they are then put under tremendous pressure to achieve. Current neuroscience research validates mindfulness, breathing techniques and yoga-based movement as evidence- based methods for students to use as tools for managing physical, mental, emotional and social challenges both in the classroom and in their daily lives. Students who have the skills to self-regulate are more focused and centered, meaning they simply learn better. Teaching them to cope effectively with stressors is key to personal and educational success.

By attending this symposium you will hear international, national and local educators, authors, and practitioners speak to the proven benefits of bringing these strategies to your schools.


All school personnel pre-K to grade 12, colleges & universities: administrators, classroom teachers, special education teachers, HPE teachers, counselors, curriculum specialists, nurses, coaches, athletic directors, PTs, OTs, SLPs & preservice students and instructors.