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Private lessons for the summer are scheduled on an individual basis, and are based on teacher availability and student scheduling preferences. Current students should discuss summer lesson availability and scheduling with their teacher.

  • Number of summer lessons will be determined on the teacher and student availability. Please confirm the availability of your preferred teacher with the Community Music School office.
  • Students are required to have a practice instrument available.
  • For new students, private music instruction requires a placement interview/phone call with the Rowan Community Music School Director or Manager to best place a student with an appropriate teacher.
  • Please confirm the number of music lessons that you will be taking and the dates of those lessons before completing the payment process.

Please Note (Only select lessons on this page if you are paying for lessons with one the following teachers)

Anamaria Achitei, William Conn, Ryan Cullen, Becky Dammers, Bruce Erwin, Andrew Garonzik, Matthew Gould, Wenyan Han, Zachary Hochschild, Christopher Hochstuhl, Rachel Johns, Robert Joubert, Jacob Kaplan, Caroline Kubach, Andriana Markano, Gavin McCauley, Dean Mason, Veronica Menna, Elaine Petrosino-Watson, Marilyn Rabbai, Robert Rowland, Theresa Savage, Kristin Titus, Jonathan Wintringham, Lily Wintringham, Anna Yang. 

If your teacher’s name is not on this list, please go back one screen and select ‘Rowan University Faculty Lessons.

Trial Lesson

Trial lessons are available at the discretion of each teacher. Rowan Community Music School advises all potential students to inquire about trial lessons prior to tuition payment. Contact for details.

Summer Lessons

  • The Community Music School will make every attempt to accommodate private lessons during the summer, however due to family vacations, teacher travel, and other obligations not all students may be able to be placed.
  • Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis, contingent upon teacher availability and student scheduling preferences.
  • Lessons are available in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute increments.
  • Studio re-assignments are entirely dependent upon private teacher availability.

Refund Policies

  • All withdrawals must be submitted in writing/email to the Rowan Community Music School Director at least two lessons in advance. Tuition will only be refunded on a pro-rated basis and limited to a maximum of 7 lessons.
  • Full lesson tuition will be refunded only if student notifies the Rowan Community Music School Director before the first lesson takes place. 
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Rowan Community Music School requires all potential students to inquire about a trial lesson prior to registration and payment.